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Red Gold Wins Sysco's Highest Sustainability Award

by Colt Reichart | Oct 28, 2014
Red Gold Inc., a supplier of premium-quality canned tomatoes and tomato-based products, won Sysco's Highest Sustainability Award for emphasizing the importance of a responsible supply chain in enhancing Sysco's corporate social responsibility efforts.

Sysco recently honored our top suppliers as part of the 2014 Sysco Supplier Excellence Awards program, which recognizes suppliers’ commitment, service and marketplace support by category and area of accomplishment. I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Red Gold, Inc. on receiving the Supplier Sustainability Award for emphasizing the importance of a responsible supply chain in enhancing Sysco's corporate social responsibility efforts including:

  • Ensuring a reliable and safe supply of food that meets the evolving needs of our customers
  • Creating positive change in the environment and communities we serve
  • Developing a strategic and positive impact on the foodservice industry
Sysco Sunstainability Award

Red Gold has been a supplier to Sysco for 20 years and has been an important contributor to one of Sysco’s core sustainability initiatives -- our Integrated Pest Management program. This program promotes the responsible use of agricultural inputs such as pesticides, fertilizers, water and fuel. As we worked to establish this program 10 years ago, we found that many of the program’s principles were already established practices within Red Gold’s business supplying canned tomato products. As a result, we invited Red Gold to be a part of the steering committee to help establish and implement our IPM program. Mr. Steve Smith, Director of Agriculture, has been a valuable member of the Advisory Board since inception. His input helped to streamline the audit and reporting requirements which had the impact of making the program both more useful as well as more user-friendly. As a result, participant engagement has been enhanced and, ultimately, the information derived more meaningful.

Sustainability has clearly been a focus at Red Gold. Their in-plant energy upgrades, wetland creation, tree farm development, sponsorship of a Stewardship Award for growers, and water usage reductions demonstrate the company’s commitment to reducing waste and encouraging good practices in its entire production system.  As a result, Red Gold has continually been among the top performers in their annual and bi-annual IPM audit results, emphasizing their culture of conducting business in a responsible manner, and reflecting the ideals and heart of the Sysco IPM Program.

Award recipients were chosen from more than 1,400 eligible suppliers worldwide and based on key business performance measures as prescribed by Sysco's U.S.-based distribution companies and the company's corporate Merchandising, Sourcing, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain departments.

Please join me in congratulating Red Gold and Mr. Steve Smith.

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