Tomato Ketchup

Red Gold is the largest producer of Store Brand ketchup in the United States. Our ketchup products are produced using only the highest quality tomato concentrate, corn sweeteners, vinegar and spices. Red Gold's ketchup items are equivalent to the leading national brand… but, we think it tastes even better! Red Gold Store Brand ketchup is available in a number of sizes, including:

14 oz
20 oz Upside Down Package
24 oz 
32 oz Upside Down Package
36 oz
40 oz 
64 oz "Fridge Fit" Package

In addition to our regular ketchup, we offer our Store Brand customers no salt added and organic varieties.

Many ketchup items are also available in attractive, ready-to-use display cartons, for in-store impulse display programs. Ketchup can also be ordered in ready-to-use, pallet display mods.

Contact Red Gold Store Brand Sales directly for more details.

For "All Things Tomato”, remember Red Gold for your tomato product needs.