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The Red Gold company newsletter, “Vine Lines”, is written and edited by an employee team and is published quarterly. Each newsletter is mailed to our employees as well as to our growers, retirees, vendors and customers. The Vine Lines Newsletter features a message from our CEO, company news, recipes and tips on health and wellness.

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Plant Life

Here we grow again! Have you heard the popular saying “April showers bring May flowers?”  Very soon, we’ll be planting tiny tomato plants and, with a lot of sun and rain and beautiful Indiana weather, those plants will grow, and grow and grow!

Finally it’s beginning to feel like springtime! 

Gardening is a hobby for some and a great way of enjoying the outdoors.  For every garden supply that you can buy, there's something free that you can use in its place. Need seed pots? Fertilizer? Mulch? This list of things to reuse in your garden has lots of no-cost suggestions for you.

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