K-12 School Program

Valuable Tip #1

By choosing the Indirect Sales Discount Option (“Net Off Invoice” or NOI), you will immediately receive the commodity discount directly off your distributor invoice. Commodity discounts will be available on all eligible products as long as pounds converted to dollars remain in your “tomato bank account”. This Value Pass Through Option available to you is subject to prior state approval.

In addition, participation is limited to commercial distributors in your area who have been successfully "certified." The certification process means these distributors have demonstrated the ability to successfully transmit purchase and invoice data electronically. This information is available to all interested parties via http://www.k12foodservice.com/.

  • Be sure to tell your distributor in July which Red Gold commercial products you will be using during the School Year.
  • Be sure to check your invoices at the k12foodservice.com site during the first 60 days of the school year to insure you are receiving the correct products AND the correct discount.
  • We suggest you perform sales verification at least two times annually to support the regulation requirements.

Click here to learn more about setting up your tomato bank account with K12foodservice.com. Access forms are available on their site for downloading. Once completed, the forms can be faxed to (301) 251-5516. If you need assistance faxing, call K12 Services at (301) 251-5515.

Valuable Tip #2

Don’t forget to add all the appropriate Red Gold ketchup and Redpack tomato products to your commodity bid. In addition, please consider releasing your commodity bid early in order to get the results back in time to make a tomato paste commitment of USDA WBSCM Item Code 100332 prior to the USDA deadline.

Valuable Tip #3

Direct-Ship-Districts, with warehouses, may be eligible to participate in the Red Gold Commodity Program by using the Direct Sale Value Pass Through Option. Contact Jodi Batten, SNS @ 512-261-5060 for more information.

Valuable Tip #4

In selected states, not participating in NOI, some districts may be eligible to participate on a Rebate Value Pass Through Option. Contact Jodi Batten, SNS @ 512-261-5060 for more information.

Valuable Tip #5

Find out your deadline for ordering USDA WBSCM Item Code100332 tomato paste totes for the current and/or upcoming School Year. Please commit to the program early. Your ordering entity (i.e. cooperative, state agency, USDA) will need to know the exact amount of tomato paste pounds you want diverted to Red Gold.

Click here if you have further questions or would like our School Commodity Specialist to contact you directly.