K-12 School Program

Easy as 1-2-3 and Red Gold Takes Care of the Rest!

We can eliminate many of the traditional Fee for Service Commodity Program headaches for you. When  you choose the Net Off Invoice option, there are many benefits:  

    1. Menu consistency - same great products every time, all school year long.
    2. More variety then traditional commodity tomato products--over 35 eligible items.
    3. No storage or delivery fees.
    4. No invoices to manufacturers.
    5. Commercial distribution - products available when you need them.
    6. Online commodity entitlement data tracking - easy to track your usage and balances at www.k12foodservice.com.

It's Easy to Choose and Participate!

Simply identify your annual tomato product menu requirements from a list of available Red Gold items.

STEP 2: 
Commit to the necessary amount of tomato paste (USDA WBSCM Item Code 100332) prior to the USDA and your state's deadline. Contact your state office for the most reliable and up-to-date deadline information. 

We offer a handy Red Gold Commodity Calculator Tool to help you in determining your tomato paste diversion requirements. Click here to download the latest SY2014/2015 Calculator Tool.

To use this simple tool, you need to have your annual estimated product usage data available by either total cases or by total annual servings. Before adding any initial values to the tool, review the entire list of available products.  You have the choice of two calculation methods. Method 1 utilizes your estimated annual cases and Method 2 utilizes your estimated annual servings.

    • Method 1: For each product, type in your Estimated Annual Cases Needed in Column C. The tool will automatically calculate the amount of paste required in Column D, Estimated Total Paste Pounds Needed .
    • Method 2: Type in your Estimated Annual Servings Needed in Column E and the corresponding Estimated Total Pounds of Paste Needed will be automatically calculated in Column F.

Complete this exercise for ALL your ketchup and tomato product needs. The Calculator Tool will automatically calculate a correct total as well as the Total Entitlement Dollars Committed.

Total number(s) representing the amount of pounds of paste you need annually must be submitted to your respective state and/or cooperative agency for placing your Commodity Diversion requests and orders.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some states and/or cooperatives (i.e. California and Arizona) may choose to obtain their USDA WBSCM Item Code 100332 purchase commitment using their own alternate unit quantity for paste (i.e. 40 lbs., 400 lbs. etc.) Always confirm the actual quantity amount being requested by your respective agency and order accordingly.

Handy Facts to Remember

  • Each truck of USDA WBSCM Item Code 100332 tomato paste totes equals 39,900 pounds of paste (14 totes of paste at 2,850 pounds per tote.)
  • Previous USDA WBSCM Item Code 100332 value for School Year 2013/2014 was $.3612 per pound.
  • USDA WBSCM Item Code 100332 value for School Year 2014/2015 is $.3612 per pound.

STEP 3: 
Once paste has been diverted and ordered via WBSCM, Red Gold will begin to allocate pounds to eligible school districts as the information is received from the State Distributing Agency. This is usually completed during the July /August period of the new school year. Red Gold will need to know the Distributor that you wish to assign your pounds for the new School Year in order to properly assign the “bank.” Currently, only one distributor can be assigned pounds. Then, Red Gold, and your participating distributor, will establish a "Tomato Bank Account," equivalent to the amount of paste you chose to divert, redeemable as dollar discounts on eligible products. These pounds, converted to dollars based on the current SEPDS values, will be used to provide your commodity discounts directly off every invoice, as long as you have a Paste Balance.

Purchase Red Gold restaurant quality tomato and ketchup products 
from your participating local "certified" distributor from Day 1 of the school year. By choosing the "Net Off Invoice" Option, immediately receive the commodity discount directly off your distributor invoice, as long as dollars remain in your "Tomato Bank Account".

Be sure to CAREFULLY check your invoices and purchases during the first 60 days of purchases to insure you are (a) ordering eligible products and (b) getting the correct commodity discounts on those items. Federal Requirements dictate that you verify your sales at least two times per year (once prior to 12/31 and the other prior to 06/30) by going on to the k12foodservice.com website and validating that your invoices and shipments are correct.

Click here to log in and visit www.k12foodservice.com/Public_Distributor.lasso for up-to-date list of “certified” distributors by participating states.

NOTE: Red Gold's commodity processing program is currently offered via various Value Pass Through methods, depending on your state:

  • Net Price Through Distributor - "Net Off Invoice or NOI"
  • Direct Sale - Direct Ship Districts
  • Fee for Service - Billed by Processor (selected areas only)
  • Refund/Rebate to Recipient Agency (selected areas only)

Click here if you have immediate questions or would like our School Commodity Specialist to contact you directly.