Guiding Principles

Our Mission: "To Produce The Freshest, Best Tasting, Tomato Products In The World"


Our Guiding Principles:

  • We will strive to consistently manufacture the highest quality products at the greatest efficiencies
  • People are Red Gold's most valuable resource. Every person gives and receives respect, honesty, and fairness; thereby building an environment of trust.
  • Timely, accurate, and open communication in all directions is essential. We will work closely with each other and strive to achieve a win/win relationship.
  • Effective teamwork throughout Red Gold is essential. Coaching, education, and development opportunities will be extended to maximize the contributions of everyone.
  • The best decisions are made when those affected are involved. We encourage all employees to search for creative methods and participate in the continual improvement of the many processes that make up our business.
  • We guarantee our customers the very best by never compromising the quality of our products or services
  • We will aggressively and continually strive to improve our daily results, processes, methods, and services
  • We will work together to achieve a safe, sanitary, challenging, and fulfilling environment
  • We will lead the industry in technological innovation and strive for maximum profitability; allowing us continual reinvestment in our companies for security and success
  • Continue to promote the Red Gold family atmosphere — large enough to serve, yet small enough to remember