Work Life at Red Gold


                Some days, you grow the tomato.
          And, some days, the tomato grows you.

2013 Red Gold HistoryBehind all the research, development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing, planting, harvesting and packing, our employees are united and working towards one goal: producing the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world. Each day, over 1,100 full time employees work together to grow a better tomato.

We accomplish this by making room for creative ideas, providing resources to implement new processes and taking time for each voice to be heard. So, when we add a new teammate, we look for those who share our creativity and passion-and who are willing, some days, to let the tomato grow them.  Take a closer look at life at Red Gold by viewing our Red Gold History Book.  Click the image above to open.

Did You Know...

  • That Red Gold sells more canned tomato products than any other manufacturer in Chicago, New York and 36 other major U.S. markets
  • That nearly one-third of all canned tomato products purchased in the U.S. are made by Red Gold
  • That three out of every four consumers of retail brand tomato juice drink Red Gold produced tomato juice
  • That Red Gold is the nation's largest provider of retail private label tomato products, with ketchup leading the way!