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Red Gold has three manufacturing facilities, all located in central Indiana.  Our corporate headquarters are located in Elwood, IN.  We also have manufacturing plants in Elwood, Geneva and Orestes.  RGT Logistics is located in Elwood and Red Gold's Distribution Center is located between Elwood and Alexandria on State Road 28.

Red Gold Corporate Headquarters
1500 Tomato Country Way
Elwood, IN 46036
Phone: 765-557-5500
Red Gold, Orestes
120 East Oak Street
Orestes, IN 46063
Phone: 765-754-7527

Red Gold, Elwood
490 South 22nd Street
Elwood, IN 46036
Phone: 765-557-5500
Red Gold, Geneva
705 South Williams Street
Geneva, IN 46740
Phone: 260-368-9017
RGT Logistics 
7474 W. State Road 28
Elwood, IN 46036 
Phone: 765-552-3381
Red Gold Distribution Center
2595 W. State Road 28
Alexandria, IN, 46001 
Phone: 765-754-8750
Red Gold, Inc.
Human Resources Department
P.O. Box 83
Elwood, IN 46036
Phone: (765) 557-5500
Fax: 765-557-5501
The Corporate Headquarters, in Elwood, Indiana, are located approximately 40 miles northeast of Indianapolis.


Red Gold Corporate Headquarters
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Red Gold is an Equal Opportunity Employer