2B Considered

All applications must be submitted online, enabling each application and resume to be screened for compatibility with a job opening. Red Gold is definitely an employer of choice. As a result, we receive a large volume of highly qualified applicants for each position. While it is not possible to personally call each and every applicant we do continue to communicate through email. All applicants are encouraged to continue to monitor their email for updates. The successful applicant will be the person who meets or exceeds the standards set by our rigorous selection process. Applicants are encouraged to visit the website frequently to view new postings. The best qualified applicants will be asked to take assessments to further help us determine each person's suitability for the desired position. Pre-employment assessments are given based on the position the applicant is seeking, and may include:

  • behavioral profiles

  • math and verbal skills

  • reasoning aptitude

  • mechanical and/or electrical abilities

  • background research

  • education verification


Upon an employment offer, all candidates must successfully pass a drug screen. Red Gold is a drug-free workplace. We are also committed to becoming a smoke-free workplace.

Thank you for considering Red Gold for your career choice!