Wischmeyer Farms: Joe Wischmeyer

How many acres of tomatoes do you farm for Red Gold?


How many acres do you farm?


How many years has this farm been in your family?


How long have you been growing tomatoes?

Since 1973

What are your favorite ways to eat tomatoes?

Lasagna, spaghetti and a salsa cream cheese dip.

What awards or special recognition have you received for your tomato farming?

Getting a Master Grower Award three times

What brand of tractors do you prefer?

We have John Deere tractors

What kind of dog do you have?


What's your dog's name?


What's your favorite part of growing tomatoes?


Why or how did you get into tomato farming?

My Dad had 20 acres of handpick and I liked the challenge, so when I finished school we purchased a harvestor and started expanding.

How did you learn to grow tomatoes?

I grew up around it.

What's something important you keep in mind while planting, caring for, or harvesting your tomatoes?

Do the best I can do.