Triple S Smith Farms, Inc. : Scott Smith 

How many acres do you farm for Red Gold?


How many acres do you farm?


How many years has this farm been in your family?

over 80

How long have you been growing tomatoes?

32 years

What do you like best about growing tomatoes?

I like the challenge of raising tomatoes, watching them grow, and eating a few along the way!

What are your favorite ways to eat tomatoes?

Fried Green Tomatoes and Whole Canned Tomatoes

What awards or special recognition have you received for your tomato farming?

I have received 8 Master Grower Awards and the 1997 E.A. Reichart Award. Also, the Host Farm for the 1985 & 1998 State Farm Management Tour by Purdue University.

What do you think about while you're on the tractor?

Everything!!! Family, Crops and whats for dinner!

Describe how you feel when you see a field of healthy Red Gold tomatoes?

Blessed and grateful for a beautiful crop!! Mission accomplished!!

What's something important you keep in mind while planting, caring for, or harvesting your tomatoes?

To do the best job that I can possibly do and to pray for a great crop!!!