Middlesworth Farms, Inc.

Farmers: Danny, Max, Brian, Brett & Shane

How many acres of tomatoes do you farm for Red Gold?


How many years has this farm been in your family?

Nearly three generations

How long have you been growing tomatoes?

Over 50 years

What are your favorite ways to eat tomatoes?

Straight out of the field with a dash of salt or chili soup on a cold night.

What awards or special recognition have you received for your tomato farming?

We have been selected as a Red Gold Master Grower 3 different years.We were also featured in the New Holland News Magazine last summer.

Does your dog ever eat tomatoes?


What do you think about while you're on the tractor?

Will it ever rain, will it ever stop raining?

What's your favorite part of growing tomatoes?

Watching them grow...and when the last load of the season is delivered.

Why or how did you get into tomato farming?

Our Dad gets all the credit. He is the one that started growing tomatoes over fifty years ago. We have followed in his footsteps.

What's something important you keep in mind while planting, caring for, or harvesting your tomatoes?

It all starts with one little seed.

From your perspective, what is the difference between a can of Red Gold and a can of tomatoes not grown here in Tomato Country?

Quality and Taste; nothing compares.