Carey Farms: Josh Carey

How Many acres of tomatoes do you farm for Red Gold?


How many acres do you farm?


How many years has this farm been in your family?


How long have you been growing tomatoes?


How many members of your family are involved in your tomato growing operation?


Does your dog ever eat tomatoes?


What's your favorite part of growing tomatoes?

Planting and delivering to Red Gold. Weather(RAIN)can make harvesting not so much fun.

Why or how did you get into tomato farming?

We pursued tomato farming as a way to diversify our farm.

What's something important you keep in mind while planting, caring for, or harvesting your tomatoes?

Red Gold strives for freshness, quality, and the best tasting tomato products, from the canning process all the way to the consumers table. So, from planting to the delivering process, that same philosophy is on my mind. That philosophy has to start with the grower.

From your perspective, what is the difference between a can of Red Gold and a can of tomatoes not grown here in Tomato Country?

Quality, Taste, and QUALITY