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Guestbook: Notes From Friends

Christine J.NC
I enjoy Tuttorosso Tomatoes, diced and crushed. They make any recipe that requires tomatoes taste great! When fresh tomatoes are to pricey in the stores during the winter months I will open a can of the diced tomatoes, drain the juice off and add them into my fresh salad mix so I don't have to deprive my salad of tastey tomatoes. Thank you for making a great product!

laurie w.IL
Red gold spices up any meal!

Fran P.FL
I have always bought these products to make my sauce and whenever I need tomato products. I'm happy to know about your website and will look forward to getting ideas and recipes.

sandy w.GA
I just love Red Gold. It make my cooking so much better and easier and most of all tastier, I almost feel like a professional chef when I add the tomatoes to my different dishes. Thanks Linda

Dana C.GA
I really enjoy the delicious red gold tomatoes and love to create recipes that my family can enjoy so I am also looking for recipes that I can use to enjoy hoping your website can offer this to me.

Brenda L.WI
Hi Linda, I received my Tote bag and what a great prize! I've already used it and it works great!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a winner in the Red Gold Years Supply of Tomatoes Sweepstakes!!!!

Carolyn P.IN
Thank you RED GOLD, I just recieved my beautiful RED GOLD shopping tote tomatoe bag! It has such wonderful quality to it I am proud to shop with it. I always leave the RED GOLD Tomatoe logo so every shopper can see it because you really do have the best tasting tomatoes anywhere, Thats why I entered your contest! Thank you again I just love it!

Marilyn K.OH
The Red Gold Tomatoes are always rich in taste. I never hesitate when adding them to one of my recipes, they have never disappointed!

William M.AL
Hi Linda. thanks to Red Gold Year's Supply of Tomatoes Sweepstakes.Just Receive MY Prize. the recipe look Very DELICIOUS. THANKS TO All.

Rae W.
Wanted you to know that I know I can alway depend on Red Gold products. Alway great!