Red Gold Simple Gourmet Lasagnas

Lasagna is a popular dish and also a family favorite, but sometimes making the perfect gourmet lasagna can be a challenge. Red Gold has a solution with its All-In-One Lasagna recipe platform that makes gourmet lasagna...SIMPLE.

Our basic Red Gold "All-In-One" Lasagna recipe is a full-flavored lasagna that uses dry noodles which cook as you bake it, flavorful Red Gold® Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic and Oregano, Red Gold® Crushed Tomatoes and three types of cheeses.  This basic base recipe will allow you to easily create more advanced lasagnas!  CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR THE RECIPE.

Red Gold's "All-In-One" Lasagna
is the base recipe for making more advanced lasagna recipes.  Just add a few more ingredients, and you’ll have simple gourmet lasagnas your family will love! CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW FOR THE RECIPES.

Now that you’ve mastered ‘Simply Gourmet’, you are the chef.  Add any ingredient you like to your Red Gold All-In-One base, think of it like adding toppings to a gourmet pizza, and you have a meal you know they will love.  Think about the possibilities – add ground beef and American cheese for a Cheeseburger Lasagna…Yum!

Make it a Saturday afternoon project with your kids, where they can help you select the ingredients and help build the lasagna.  Because this is a recipe that uses traditional noodles that cook as you bake, there are no really hot ingredients to get burned on.  Then bake and freeze.  Reheat on Monday night for dinner – giving you added time to spend with your family.